Motley Area Historical Society

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The Motley Area Historical Society was founded in 2005. It is a non-profit Organization serving Morrison County and the surrounding area. 

The mission of the Society is to celebrate and preserve the history of the Town of Motley and its people and to assure that this legacy is passed on to future generations. To collect, preserve, conserve, interpret and share the information we recover with those interested in the history of our town.

The photo on the left is known as the "Motley Castle". Alfred Wilson built this home for his lovely wife Estella in 1902. It was completed in 1905 and was nominated in 1985 as a National Historic Place. This beautiful building has hosted many events over the years. The Historical Society now uses this spectacular building for their non-profit organization's Logo. 

2017-2018 Officers:

President:  Bernice Thomson

Vice President:  Gayle Quinn  

Secretary:  Sherry M Frisk

Treasurer:  Sherry M Frisk

2017-2018 Directors at large

Mary Sperley (2) yr. Term

Florence Berndt  (1) yr. Term (2017)  

Robin Kramer (2) yr. Term

Contact Persons/Donations:

Bernice Thomson  (218) 352-6384

Sherry M Frisk  (218) 352-6137

Dues & Membership:

Robin Kramer


Lisa Haste